Amber Ladner Stands for Justice With Fairness

Justice is not a one way door to prison.  

Justice is upholding the law with fairness, compassion, and respect  

Jefferson County needs a compassionate, insightful, and fair judge, committed to treating all persons in their courtroom with equal courtesy and respect.

I am truly honored to be running for Circuit Court Judge in Jefferson County Place 27.  Circuit Court Judge Place 27 is a  judgeship in the Criminal Division of Jefferson County Courts. This Circuit Court seat conducts, among other things, criminal jury trials. I have the experience, integrity, knowledge, and wisdom to  conduct the business of a criminal court  in such a way as to positively touch the lives of not only the defendants that come before me, but all others that appear in the courtroom.

Our courts and judges are an integral part of the solution to the problems faced by the criminal justice system and the community today. Above all those involved in our criminal justice system, our judges have the authority and responsibility to ensure that our criminal justice system functions in a way that provides justice on an individualized and fair basis, taking into consideration the offense, the defendant, the victim, and our community as a whole. Certainly, there is a time and place for punishment for offenders including incarceration, fines, and restitution. But there is also a time for our courts and judges to reach out and affect positive change in the lives of defendants, victims, and all people who come before them in their courtroom.

My Pledge is to provide “Justice With Fairness”

If you elect me to be your Circuit Court Judge in Jefferson County Place 27, I pledge to you that I will always take the time and effort to understand the individual circumstances of those who come before me.  I will follow the law and evenly, fairly, and with compassion.

I ask that you please vote for me, Amber Ladner, as your next Jefferson County Circuit Court Judge – Place 27.

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